Second Act Local Marketing

Our focus is to drive transactions online and in physical locations for our clients. Accomplishing this requires a full range of digital marketing services. Second Act Local Marketing brings expertise in:
We use digital advertising to drive transactions for our clients. We work with our clients to leverage digital assets ranging from local listings management to social media, paid search, display advertising and much more. We understand that these tools have a place in the purchase cycle and optimizing your program depends on knowing where and when to use these digital tools.

As important as knowing the digital landscape, we understand the pressures that you face as a leader in digital advertising for your company. You have many constituents, ranging from your direct boss (could be the board of directors or the CEO) to the people in the field such as location managers, dealers, agents or franchisees, to the most important constituent, the customer. We have helped clients navigate these waters for over 20 years.